The opportunity

The Biden-Harris Administration has made it clear that addressing the existential threat of climate change is an urgent priority. While they have proposed a comprehensive, cross-agency approach to addressing climate change, there has been little mention of education's unique and critical role as a part of the solution. There is an opportunity to enhance the vital work of regulation and technology development through investments in climate literacy. We envision a public engaged in community resilience efforts, prepared for climate-ready careers, able to adapt and innovate, and willing to embrace new policies that will help our nation meet its commitments under the Paris Climate Agreement. 

A coordinated and collaborative effort focused on national and state legislation, combined with the power of cross-sector stakeholder networks, will significantly boost our ability to address climate change through education, training, public engagement, civic participation, and access to information. 

It is time for the education, conservation, environmental justice, scientific, business, and public health communities to realize a bold vision for climate literacy. This vision should think bigger than ever about what we can achieve together and go far beyond any single organization's interests or capacity.